131050 Brooklyn Corie

Banded on July 11, 2014
Transmitter installed on July 11, 2014
Fledged on August 2, 2014
Began Migration on September 11, 2014
Last transmission on October 20, 2014 in Venezuela

September 24: Brooklyn Corie launched her trip south on the the 11th. After a short stop off point to investigate a local racehorse farm near Adrian she continued on and drew the most direct flight path south of any of our migrating Ospreys. (Aldo still hasn’t left the comforts of home.) Nine days later she arrived in the Sunshine State but quickly made an unexpected detour sending her to the western shoreline. She flew a considerable distance into the Gulf before she changed her mind (female’s prerogative), altered her course and flapped quickly back to shore. Possibly she was avoiding a storm brewing in the Gulf. After a brief visit to the Disney area she arrived in the Everglades and is currently exploring the southern most tip of the peninsula. Interestingly, the data shows her in close proximity to DTE Ozzie.

August 28: It appears Corie executed a flawless first flight on August 2. She stuck pretty close to home for the first few days but eventually curiosity got the better of her and she flapped her way across Brooklyn Rd. to see what all the fuss was about. Her parents had built their nest only a few yards from Michigan International Speedway so she checked out the grandstand, the track and likely many of the cars zooming around the perimeter. Pretty exciting stuff for a young Osprey chick! Once things settled down she expanded her movements directly north from her nest to downtown Brooklyn, northwest to Lake Columbia and northeast to Vineyard Lake. Tracking her movements is fun and it would be great to know how many miles she flew to each of these locations. Anyone up for the challenge? The approximate GPS coordinates for Corie’s cell tower are Lat: 42.06934/ Lat: -84.24939. Each data point also displays Lat/Long. Let us know when you calculate the answer/s. Contact us at michiganosprey@gmail.com.

July 11:  Today a crew from Newkirk Electric scaled a cell tower only a  stones throw away from the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan.  They scaled the tower and skillfully retrieved  the  lone chick.  The bird was carefully lowered to the ground, banded and fit with the gps satellite transmitter and safely returned to the nest while its parents hovered overhead.  Results of DNA testing later indicated this young  bird was a female.  Corie, who is named for the gentleman responsible for securing funding from American Tower Corporation for her unit, will  soon fly with the same high tech backpack carried  in 2013  by “Leroy”.

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[sc:brooklyn_corie ]