423 Humphries DTE Ozzie

Banded on July 2, 2014
GSM Transmitter installed on July 17, 2014
Fledged on July 23, 2014
Began Migration on September 13, 2014

July 2:  Two boats loaded with staff from the MDNR, Detroit Zoo, and OWSEM motored out to the tripod in the Humphries Unit at Pte. Mouillee SGA. Three chicks were removed from the nest. Each was banded, measured and had blood drawn for DNA testing.  An unhatched egg was also found and will be tested to determine if an embryo was present.

Four chicks flew from this same nest last year as we approached by boat.  We were prepared to fit a youngster with a GPS unit but an unexpected drenching electrical storm altered those plans. We got SOAKED as we “flew” back to shore!!  Field work rarely goes according to plan.

July 17: The results of their DNA proved the three youngsters were female. We decided to fit two chicks from this nest with the transmitters and brought both ashore. DTE and Channel 7 rode with us, assisted in the transport of the young Ospreys and interviewed the team responsible for tagging the chicks. The Osprey Paparazzi was also in attendance and manned the shoreline.

DTE Energy kindly sponsored one of the telemetry units again this year. It is a GSM unit which transmits the bird’s data via cell towers. A “Name That Bird” contest is currently underway. Once DTE announces the winner we will post it for all to see.

She fledged on July 23rd.

Use the calendar at the top of the map to help navigate through the path of the Osprey. Click on a date and a dot representing each bird appears on the map for that date. Click on that dot, and more detailed information will appear. Drag the dot along the lines to see their path.