131008 Lux Arbor In Flight

Banded on June 27th, 2017
PTT Transmitter installed on July 6th, 2017
Fledged on SOON!
Began Migration on

Many thanks goes to Michigan State University’s Lux Arbor Reserve, W.K. Kellogg Biological Station and to Huron Valley Audubon Society (New Hudson, MI) for supporting Michigan Osprey’s tracking program. This is our fifth season for this project, with Lux Arbor’s bird being the first of four Ospreys selected this summer to wear a tracking unit and that transmitter kindly donated to us by HVAS. The success of this program depends on the support of the many partnerships we have established (the list keeps growing!) and we are so grateful to all who have jumped on board to help bring awareness to Michigan’s Osprey population.

Tom Schneider (Detroit Zoo) and Jim Pulling (MDNR) stabilize the boat as Ken Kesson (MDNR) climbs to capture the pre-fledged chick selected earlier for transmitter deployment. Not all siblings cooperated during capture!


Osprey on DNR jacket

Safely on shore and out of the blazing sun the youngster is placed on the table for examination by Veterinary staff from Binder Park Zoo. A huge “thank you” goes to the DNR staff member who sacrificed their jacket for the comfort of the Osprey chick!


Crowd around tent

Ospreys on shore attract a huge audience!!! The tent overflowed with excited onlookers in attendance to witness the first chick from western MI to be outfitted with a tracking device.

Delton Osprey Transmitter

Surrounded by staff from Michigan Osprey and Binder Park Zoo Ken prepares to return the Osprey chick, now sporting a satellite transmitter, to its nest. Within a week or so the youngster will take its first flight. You may watch its movements via the Michigan Osprey website: www.michiganosprey.org.

Use the calendar at the top of the map to help navigate through the path of the Osprey. Click on a date and a dot representing each bird appears on the map for that date. Click on that dot, and more detailed information will appear. Drag the dot along the lines to see their path.

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[sc:lux-arbor-in-flight ]