Osprey Migration Tracking


This is the third year that Michigan Ospreys have been outfitted with satellite tracking units, and we are learning a lot of really cool technical stuff as we go. It’s incredible and so exciting!

Huge thanks to Rob Bierregaard and others for their input and support as they help us navigate our way through this learning process.

The positions of our satellite-tagged Osprey are provided by Movebank and we have plotted each of them below in Google Maps.

Each Osprey has a name that corresponds to the tracking ID, the location where they were tagged, and then a name that has been given to them.
Four Ospreys were outfitted with a transmitter in the summer of 2015. The map below will show each birds location with a corresponding color.

Click on their names to read about their adventures!

Corie Harvist Rachel Aldo Ozzie Daniel


Use the calendar at the top of the map to help navigate through the path of the Osprey. Click on a date and a dot representing each bird appears on the map for that date. Click on that dot, and more detailed information will appear. Drag the dot along the lines to see their path.

Here are some handy tips on how to navigate and interact with the map in order to follow and enjoy the adventures of each Michigan Osprey.

1) Check the calendar at the top of the map, and click on a date. A dot representing each bird appears on the map for that date. Click on that dot, and a bubble pops up with time and location details.

2) Drag the dot back and forth along the migration path until you reach a spot where you want to stop. Click on the dot and time/location details again appear.

3) You can also drag the “hand” along the path, and when a pointer finger appears, click on that spot to learn when the youngster was tracked in that location.

4) Zooming in on the map provides a visual of the area the bird is visiting. To enhance the info, click on “Satellite” in the upper right corner of the map and then hit “Labels”. City/street names, etc.magically appear on the map! A complete zoom in provides the details of the location…the river, trees, etc. that the bird visited. It’s almost like having a drone spying on our birds! What fun!!